Situated just a few miles west of The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip, Adrenaline Studios is a 3,800 sq. ft. modern audio post-production facility. With four spacious VO booths, a wide array of microphones and pre-amps, over 200 talented voice actors, ISDN and Source-Connect, we can handle any of your ADR, voice-over and post-production needs.

Ali Nejad calls our bluff 

Ali Nejad knows of what he speaks. The TV personality not only provides expert commentary for a variety of poker programs, he also plays a mean game himself. Ali wasn’t bluffing when he recently stopped by to record some audio for Triton Poker’s Super High Roller Series.

Shanya Jackson Forgives and Forgets

Shanya Jackson stopped in for an ADR session in support of her role as Nascha on the CW series “Walker: Independence.” In the episode, Nascha’s brother blames himself for a tragedy that befell his sister, who has no memory of the incident and is living happily ever after. How convenient!

John Raynar 2023 Commercial Demo

In 2021 he earned global recognition as a Marconi Radio Award Nominee.  From conversational to commanding John Raynar delivers!  We were excited John chose us to produce his new Commercial Demo! Head over to our Demo Production page to check it out.

Nishi Munshi invades Adrenaline Studios

As much as we love working with Nishi Munshi we love saying “Nishi Munshi.” She recently dropped in for an ADR session in support of her TV series “The Mayor of Kingston.” Nishi also stars in “Home Invasion” for Amazon Prime. We can’t wait for more Nishi Munshi!