Situated just a few miles west of The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip, Adrenaline Studios is a 3,800 sq. ft. modern audio post-production facility. With four spacious VO booths, a wide array of microphones and pre-amps, over 200 talented voice actors, ISDN and Source-Connect, we can handle any of your ADR, voice-over and post-production needs.

J.K. Simmons Shows His True Color

It’s not every day that an Oscar winner walks through your door, but that’s what happened when J.K. Simmons stopped by for an M&Ms video game project (he voices Yellow). J.K. won Best Supporting actor for his portrayal of a slap-happy bandleader in Whiplash. We think J.K. is J-OK!

Benjamin Bottani adds to his acting credits

Las Vegas actor Benjamin Bottani is rising quickly up the ranks, going from local children’s theater to feature films in a few short years. He was in recently to record Voice Over for an animation project we’ve been sworn not to reveal. Doesn’t matter. If Benjamin’s in it, it’s bound to be good.

Gianna Burke 2021 Commercial Demo

Here is another Commercial Demo we produced last year for the talented actress and voice over artist, Gianna Burke.  Gianna’s career started at the young age of 8 years old when she was selected from a national search by Fisher Price and has exploded from there! To hear this demo and many others, be sure…

It’s Robot Fightin’ Time, says Faruq Tauheed

Robots are replacing humans in jobs everywhere, but not on BattleBots, where the show’s announcer, Faruq Tauheed, proves some occupations can only be filled by flesh and blood madmen. Faruq was in recently to record a VO for some commercial work.