Kington Foster plays a zombie cheerleader in Disney’s TV movie ZOMBIES. Yeah, it looks as fun as it sounds. Kingston was in studio today recording ADR; she is by far the most charismatic person to walk into Adrenaline Studios!

Today we were lucky enough to have Ned Vaughn in the studio recording ADR for the upcoming film adaptation of The Best of Enemies.

We created new radio spots for Mat Franco’s Magic reinvented nightly with none other than Mat Franco! Check the spots out and then check the show out!

We had the incomparable Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts in studio to record Voice Over and ADR for an upcoming Disney project. We think he should be a mainstay Disney villain. His voice is so recognizable you’ll know the project soon enough or you can wait for the IMDB credit. This project was fun; can’t wait to watch it!

We had Lonnie Alex, Adam Harrington and Matt Conn in the building again to record Voice Over for a new video game coming out from Mid Boss! We had a blast and are excited for the new game, also we decided Adam may actually be part Wolf! More info to come.

We were lucky enough to get Jai Rodriguez in studio to record ADR for CBS’ new tech drama (yeah thats a genre) Wisdom of the crowd.

First Debbie Gibson, now Tiffany?! We’ve been sporting neon shirts and mullets all week! Our VO session with Tiffany was great! We learned a lot about her mall tour and early career today!

We had Debbie Gibson back in the studio to record Voice Over for SiriusXM. They’re celebrating 30 years since Debbie Gibson’s debut album ‘Out of the Blue’ was released.

Lucky us!! We had Tamara Duarte back in the studio for quite a bit of ADR. She was incredible! We can’t wait to hear how it turns out when the show airs!

Rich Little came to the studio today to record VO for a documentary about an Orson Welles’ film that was never released. Listening to Rich Little tell stories while impersonating dozens of the characters involved is as impressive as it is hilarious. Today we put Rich Little’s Vegas Show on our must see list!

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