We had Andrew Caldwell II in to record ADR for his role in Hulu’s new series Kansas City.  Check it out!

We were fortunate enough to record ADR for upcoming film Mary Queen of Scots with Martin Compston.  Looks like a well done and interesting period piece!

We waited to be able to post this one!  What better way to break in our new Rhodium U87 than to have the mic stand at maximum height for Brad Garrett!  Brad recorded Voiceover as Eeyore for the up coming Disney’s Christopher Robin.  Wow, what a great casting choice for the voice of Eeyore!

Scott Glenn came into the studio today record ADR for his role in Castle Rock.  What’s Castle Rock you may ask?! Stephen King, J.J. Abrams, and now Scott Glenn. Consider us sold!

The hilarious Louie Anderson was in the studio this week recording the audiobook version of Hey Mom: Stories for My Mother, but You Can Read Them Too.  We are so glad and honored to have been part of this beautiful project.  We’ll be dropping off flowers and dinner to all our Moms if you need us.

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