YESSSSS! We have been waiting on this package for quite some time! Neumann produced a limited run of 500 Rhodium Edition U87 microphones for their 50th anniversary. Here, you are looking at our newest and brightest addition to our microphone collection! Now…. which session will be honored to break in this beauty?! ADR? Voice Over? Celebrity interview? Brandon’s scratch track?!

We had a day full of Hilarity as Louie Anderson came in to record ADR for Baskets. Check this show out, he is incredible! Cough Emmy Cough

We were invited to The Voice Actors Studio to guest host their Producer’s Showcase. We had a blast sharing our knowledge and experience with 20 local talent new to the business. Instead of making them listen to us blabber on for hours, we were able to walk these talent through the whole ASLV production process. We recorded, directed and then Jesus mixed 30 spots within an hour and a half so the talent could hear themselves in a full produced spot!! We can’t wait to host another workshop!


Kington Foster plays a zombie cheerleader in Disney’s TV movie ZOMBIES. Yeah, it looks as fun as it sounds. Kingston was in studio today recording ADR; she is by far the most charismatic person to walk into Adrenaline Studios!

Today we were lucky enough to have Ned Vaughn in the studio recording ADR for the upcoming film adaptation of The Best of Enemies.

We created new radio spots for Mat Franco’s Magic Reinvented Nightly with none other than Mat Franco! Check the spots out and then check the show out!

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