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Recent audio projects and happenings with Adrenaline Studios

Ali Nejad calls our bluff 

Ali Nejad knows of what he speaks. The TV personality not only provides expert commentary for a variety of poker programs, he also plays a mean game himself. Ali wasn’t bluffing when he recently stopped by to record some audio for Triton Poker’s Super High Roller Series.

Shanya Jackson Forgives and Forgets

Shanya Jackson stopped in for an ADR session in support of her role as Nascha on the CW series “Walker: Independence.” In the episode, Nascha’s brother blames himself for a tragedy that befell his sister, who has no memory of the incident and is living happily ever after. How convenient!

Carter M goes after Griselda

Griselda Blanco is getting Netflixed in the upcoming “Griselda” miniseries. Actor Carter M recently stopped by to record some ADR for his role as Al Singleton, the Miami homicide detective who helped bring down the Godmother of cocaine. Remarkably, he did it without taking a bullet.

Jade Payton gets glammed up

Actress Jade Payton is becoming a familiar face across the network, cable and streaming spectrum. She has made guest appearances on Dynasty, Daybreak and iZombie. Now, she is set to join the Netflix series Glamorous as a regular cast member. We can vouch for Jade being glamorous.

Cameron Smith 2023 Commercial Demo

Cameron was a successful voice actor as a young boy, and now that he is a teen and has learned how to use his new instrument, it was time to make him new Commercial Demo. Here is teen voice actor Cameron Smith’s new Commercial Demo!Head over to our Demo Production page to check it out.

Marshawn Lynch Fights Sexism

Marshawn Lynch? In a “queer teen sex comedy”? Unlikely as it may seem, the former NFL star and aspiring actor has a prominent role in the feature film “Bottoms.” He plays a divorced feminism teacher who helps troubled young women discover themselves by starting a fight club.

Chris Rosamond gets fired up

Christopher Rosamond’s latest guest starring role has him playing Chief Dillon on CBS’ “Fire County.” Chris has worked steadily in TV and film, landing numerous guest spots and famously appearing in “The Revenant” as a starving frontiersman who longs for his wife’s lousy cooking.

Kevin McNally cleans up

Actor Kevin McNally has more than 160 credits to his name, including “The Wingfeather Saga” in which he voices Podo Helmer. Freshly shaved for his session here at Adrenaline, Kevin looked nothing like Joshamee Gibbs, the salty seadog he portrays in “The Pirates of the Caribbean” series.