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Recent audio projects and happenings with Adrenaline Studios

Donta Tanner keeps his shirt in Vegas

When we booked Donta Tanner for an ADR session, we half expected him to walk in without a shirt. Google Image him and see why. If acting doesn’t work out, he may have a career as a bicep. Donta’s TV credentials are legit, however, and we enjoyed recording him for his role on NCIS Hawaii.

Rege Lewis makes the FBI’s Most Wanted

With $150, Rege Lewis set out for Hollywood with dreams of making it big. Rege’s dream came true: He is now a working professional actor. Rege recently stopped by to record ADR for his role on CBS’ FBI. He plays the bad guy so convincingly we almost forgot how nice Rege is in real life. 

Michael Yo mixes in on new series 

As a performer, Michael Yo is part comedian, actor and host. Racially he’s “Blasian” – the title of his hit comedy special about growing up black and Asian. We recently recorded him for his feature role in the new Apple+ series Amber Brown. Yo, Michael! (We’ve always wanted to say that.)

Nicholas Kolev goes mad

Want a Bulgarian storyline for your TV show? It might be best to cast a Bulgarian actor. That’s what the CBS series FBI: International did when it hired Nicholas Kolev for a role in its “One Kind of Madman” episode. Nicholas stopped in to record ADR for his character, Aleks Yanev. 

Arnetia Walker talks the talk

Arnetia Walker has built an impressive TV, film and stage resume over the course of her career, which continues on the CW reboot of the hit `80s series Dynasty. She was in recently to record ADR for her character, Luella Culhane. It was a pleasure working with a true pro like Arnetia. 

Jessica Staples Delivers Her Lines

Going from a cryptological technician in the Navy to a pizza delivery driver for Papa John’s may not have prepared Jessica Staples for an acting career, but apparently it didn’t hurt. Jessica was in recently to record ADR for her role as a nurse in the new indie film “Burn Rider.”

Teshi Thomas Curls Up with a Good Role

Teshi Thomas’ acting career is trending in an upward trajectory due to her remarkable dramatic acumen – and possibly her hair. People often ask to touch it. She always says no. Teshi recently stopped by Adrenaline to record ADR for her role in the ABC series Queens. We didn’t ask.