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Recent audio projects and happenings with Adrenaline Studios

Holy crap! It’s Mel Gibson!

Mel Gibson, the simmering Aussie actor and Academy Award-winning director, recently stopped by the studio for an ADR session. In “Desperation Road,” Mel’s latest feature film, Gibson plays a father who goes on the lam with his ex-con of a son. Sounds like a job for Mad Max. 

Jarret Keene Hammers Out His New Book

UNLV English Professor, Author, and Las Vegas local Jarret Keene recently came by to record his new Sci-Fi Adventure book, “Hammer of the Dogs,” which takes place in a post apocalyptic Las Vegas! The book focuses on a young woman named Lash, who navigates this paradise-turned-wasteland with her technological prowess.

Patrick Page Commands Thee

A commanding King Lear with a matching bosso profundo, Patrick Page was a great choice for Laurel Road. We recently recorded the Shakespearean actor for the company’s school debt refinancing program. Take our word for it: When King Lear commands thee, you hath better doeth as he sayeth. 

Look! It’s Mark Wahlberg!

Actor, Wahlburgers owner, and Las Vegas resident Mark Wahlberg stopped by for a session in support of “Our Man from Jersey,” a cautionary tale about the dangers of dating Halle Berry. Hey, Mark, next time can you bring us a chorizo jam burger and a side of Halle Berry?

Kaeden Hall takes a juicy bite

Talented Kaeden Hall voices the character “Toman” on the Cartoon Network animated series Craig of the Creek. Kaeden has lent his voice to 11 episodes during the run of the series, and his tomato-obsessed Toman is one of the most popular of the show’s recurring characters. 

Mena Massoud gets cooking

We recently recorded Aladdin star Mena Massoud for Evolving Vegan, a new TV series based on his book “Evolving Vegan: Deliciously Diverse Recipes from North America’s Best Plant-Based Eateries – For Anyone Who Loves Food: A Cookbook.” That’s quite a mouthful, but we bet it’s delicious.