Situated just a few miles west of The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip, Adrenaline Studios is a 3,800 sq. ft. modern audio post-production facility. With four spacious VO booths, a wide array of microphones and pre-amps, over 200 talented voice actors, ISDN and Source-Connect, we can handle any of your ADR, voice-over and post-production needs.

Jarret Keene Hammers Out His New Book

UNLV English Professor, Author, and Las Vegas local Jarret Keene recently came by to record his new Sci-Fi Adventure book, “Hammer of the Dogs,” which takes place in a post apocalyptic Las Vegas! The book focuses on a young woman named Lash, who navigates this paradise-turned-wasteland with her technological prowess.

Patrick Page Commands Thee

A commanding King Lear with a matching bosso profundo, Patrick Page was a great choice for Laurel Road. We recently recorded the Shakespearean actor for the company’s school debt refinancing program. Take our word for it: When King Lear commands thee, you hath better doeth as he sayeth. 

Lauren McKnight runs with a dangerous crowd

What’s a nice girl like Lauren McKnight doing with a bunch of outlaw bikers on the Mexico border? Acting, of course. She recently stopped by for an ADR session in support of her character, Chip, on the FX series “Mayans.” 

Bruna Marquezine stops by to bug us 

Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine stars in the big budget “Blue Beetle,” based on the DC Comics superhero. She plays Jenny Kord, the love interest of the title character whose transformation into a flying bug leads to a run on giant insect swatters.