Situated just a few miles west of The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip, Adrenaline Studios is a 3,800 sq. ft. modern audio post-production facility. With four spacious VO booths, a wide array of microphones and pre-amps, over 200 talented voice actors, ISDN and Source-Connect, we can handle any of your ADR, voice-over and post-production needs.

Donta Tanner keeps his shirt in Vegas

When we booked Donta Tanner for an ADR session, we half expected him to walk in without a shirt. Google Image him and see why. If acting doesn’t work out, he may have a career as a bicep. Donta’s TV credentials are legit, however, and we enjoyed recording him for his role on NCIS Hawaii.

Rege Lewis makes the FBI’s Most Wanted

With $150, Rege Lewis set out for Hollywood with dreams of making it big. Rege’s dream came true: He is now a working professional actor. Rege recently stopped by to record ADR for his role on CBS’ FBI. He plays the bad guy so convincingly we almost forgot how nice Rege is in real life. 

Hunter Gould 2022 Commercial Demo

Here is a demo we produced for the young and talented Hunter Gould.  Hunter’s mom is a very talented voice actress so he has been in the booth voicing spot since he was 8 years old!  It was a pleasure working with him to produce this new 2022 Commercial Demo. To hear this demo and…

Bobby Lee explains the mystery of cryptocurrency

Bobby Lee recently stopped by to record the audio version of his bestselling book, “The Promise of Bitcoin.” Subtitled “The Future of Money and How it Can Work for You,” the book is compulsory reading for those who seek a clearer understanding of this still mysterious alternate currency.