Situated just a few miles west of The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip, Adrenaline Studios is a 3,800 sq. ft. modern audio post-production facility. With four spacious VO booths, a wide array of microphones and pre-amps, over 200 talented voice actors, ISDN and Source-Connect, we can handle any of your ADR, voice-over and post-production needs.

Bulletproof – Love

We had Faizon Love in the studio to record ADR for the upcoming Bulletproof 2!

Motown Philly’s Back Again

Wayna Morris, of Boyz II Men, was in the studio today to record some singing and voiceover for animated show Made by Maddie. I believe Wayna’s robot VO could rival some of our favorite career Voice Actors. Talented man!

GO GO Power Rangers

We had the young and talented Abraham Rodriguez in the studio to record ADR for the newest installment of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers… Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Abraham is the gold ranger! Sidenote: ADR when an actor has a helmet on is much easier than lip sync.

GR back at ASLV

Gordon Ramsay, the Masterchef himself, was back at Adrenaline to record VoiceOver for Uncharted and ADR for Masterchef.