Here at Adrenaline Studios, we make outstanding professional demos for experienced, talented Voice Artists. We put many hours into mixing and sound designing great demos to make sure you grab the attention you desire. We want you to get signed to your preferred Agent, book that next gig and be able to stand out in a crowded field. We start by writing scripts catered to your strengths; next we work alongside veteran LA Voice Coach Joyce Castellanos to capture your finest performance. We handcraft each demo segment until it is broadcast ready, then finish up by carefully arranging each piece until it fits together like a complex puzzle.

Adrenaline Studios can work with you remotely from your home studio, or… use it as an excuse to take a Vegas vacation (nudge nudge)! Your voice is unique; hire a team that will showcase it.

Here are a few demos we recently created:


Automotive – Male


Trailer – Male 1
Trailer – Male 2


Narration – Male 1
Narration – Male 2


Character – Male


Commercial – Male 1
Commercial – Male 2
Commercial – Male 3
Commercial – Male 4
Commercial – Male 5
Commercial – Male 6
Commercial – Male 7
Commercial – Male 8
Commercial – Male 9
Commercial – Female 1
Commercial – Female 2
Commercial – Female 3


Political – Male 1
Political – Female 1
Political – Female 2
Political – Female 3


Promo – Male 1
Promo – Male 2
Promo – Male 3
Promo – Male 4


Child – Male 1
Child – Male 2
Child – Female
Adrenaline Studios